Operating Guidelines


  1. I. NODYS membership is attained through self-nomination or nomination submitted by other Society members or entities and is subject to approval of the Board of Directors.

  2. II. Nomination to NODYS membership reflects the recognition of one’s peers of potential and likely contributions to NODYS related activities, including, but not limited to, organization of symposia or other technical or social events as NODYCON conferences, participation to the program committees of NODYCON conferences or other scientific meetings, workshops, webinars, attendance of NODYS Assemblies or committee meetings.

  3. III. NODYS Membership is a commitment to promote the purpose of NODYS and to work actively in its pursuit.

  4. IV. Reasonable obligations of membership include attendance of NODYS Assemblies. Additional undertakings, such as subcommittee membership or NODYCON steering, organizing, and program committees, are highly encouraged.

  5. V. Ordinary members, supporters, students and organizations are expected to pay the membership fee of € 60 upon acceptance of the membership nomination and, subsequently, every two years.

  6. Secretary, Vice-President and Treasurer

  7. VI. The Secretary of the Assembly typically holds the following responsibilities:

    1.     a. to record and prepare Assembly meeting minutes.
    2.     b. to maintain the Assembly attendance and voting participation record.

    VII. The vice-President typically holds the following responsibilities:

    1.     a. to maintain the Society membership roster.
    2.     b. to preside the Assembly meetings and Board meetings in the absence of the President
    3.     c. to take on the role of President if the President is unable to complete the term of office.

    VIII. The Treasurer typically holds the following responsibilities:

    1.     a. to maintain a record of the Society financial accounts, including the general account.